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The Conversion-Copy Process*
This is the process I use to create your copy. It's the direct-response, copy-creation approach that's been the bedrock for the most successful direct-marketing campaigns for over a century. Because it works. Again and again and again.
* Some people find me by looking for a Conversion Copywriter. Some by looking for a Direct-Response Copywriter. While there are many flavors of both, they are, in essence, the same thing. 


A Discovery Process carried out with you and your team. So that your copy strategy is perfectly aligned with growth goals, addresses your real needs and reflects your voice and values.


Qualitative Research using Surveys, Jobs-To-Be-Done Interviews, Personas, Message Mining and Competitor Research. Giving you the right message to deliver to the right person at the right time.


Direct-Response copy that delivers on your strategy and message-matching research. So your messaging is based on over a century of persuasion-psychology research and marketing insights.


Project validation with User Tests, Optimization Sweeps and A/B testing to validate your new copy and refine it for even better results.

Your Custom Project

Nearly all my copy work for you is on a project-by-project basis. Each project is scoped and priced after we have at least one discovery call and this work includes a detailed needs analysis, strategy and a research phase. The prices below are a guide to the kinds of fees you can expect on our first project together. 

Your Research Savings

Because research is a significant part of our first project we do together, you can expect a reduced fee on any subsequent work that relies on research from a previous project. Typically, this can be between 15-20% on each deliverable that shares earlier research. 

Small Projects

Small funnel projects such as landing pages with email sequences or ads begin at around $5000*. This includes research and strategy. 

Your project is priced after we have a discovery call and you are happy going forward with your project.

*I price in USD, but I bill EU clients in Euro and UK clients in Sterling.
Let's talk about your project needs...

Medium Projects

Smaller websites, lead and sales funnels, and medium sales pages/sales emails will typically start at around $7000-$9000. Again, this includes research and strategy. 

Your project is scoped and priced after we have at least one discovery call.

Let's talk about your project needs...

Larger Projects

Many of my projects are larger in scope and deep dive into your direct-marketing strategy. These projects may cover multiple deliverables over an extended time.

These typically start at between from $12,000-$15,000. 

Let's talk about your project needs...

Site Audits

Your site should be a day-and-night money maker and lead generator. That's the theory, at least. But most sites have at least one serious leak that means they are actually costing you. I can help you find those leaks and make actionable recommendations to turn the situation around.

Your Site-Audit info is here...

VIP Copy Service

I offer a VIP, fast-access, day rate for copy editing and copy optimization. This is ideal if you are in a hurry and need to get high-converting copy in front of your visitors right now (instead of waiting two or three months till I can start a regular project for you). 

Your VIP Copy Service info is here...

Top-Tier Copywriting 

Great copy takes time. Time to research, time to write and time to test. This is the copy I write for you. And it's why I'm a Full-Process Conversion Copywriter. Because that's hands down the surest way to optimize your copy for conversions.

Great copy also needs strategy and research. And that's part of the service, too. 

I work with a small number of clients and offer a high-end service. We may work together on a single page or a more complex project with multiple copy elements. Whatever your needs, I treat your project as if it were a showcase for my very best work.

Top-Shelf Customer Care

Once we start working together, you can relax. I have a process that means you can get on with your work while I work on delivering on your copy. 

You'll get weekly updates and you sign-off on key decisions, so, no end-of-project surprises. And you get my personal phone number so you can always reach me directly.

If this sounds like a relationship you'd like to explore more, then we have just one question to answer. Do we fit?

Let's talk... 

I love three things about my profession.

I love making my clients happy, I love making them money and I love when they get back to me with more work. 

I accomplish all of those by doing everything I can to overdeliver. On my copy, on my customer service and on my commitment to fully understanding your needs.

If you'd like to talk about what we can accomplish together, then just use the form below and we’ll take it from there.
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