Weak copy costs you leads, sales and customers. So does waiting to act.

Make sure your most vital messaging gets to the right people right now.
"My VIP Service is a response to a real client need. To skip the waitlist and get mission-critical copy in front of visitors and customers as quickly as possible."
In many ways, my custom projects offer better value and results. This is down to time and research. But there is one argument for paying a premium for faster, VIP copy, and it's this... Every day you have ineffective copy on your site is costing you money.
I'll always recommend a custom project over my VIP Copy Service but I will never deny that it can be highly profitable to pay the premium and get the work done quicker.

To help you decide, we begin with a short, obligation-free discovery call. I'll advise you on your best options. If you go with my VIP service, this is what you can expect... 

It usually takes a month or two (sometimes longer) to get me on your project. With VIP, you skip that wait time and typically have your copy within a week to ten working days. 
You are buying 2 days of my time at short notice, not specific deliverables. I'll advise you on what is realistic to expect before we agree to work together. 
We meet a few days before for a 15-30-minute briefing and a few days after for a 15-30-minute debriefing. I'll only take on the work if I think I can bring you value. 
REquest a booking call

What You Need To Know...

My VIP Copy Service is about making sure you get professional copy in front of the right people as fast as possible. Maybe you are looking for a quick win or have identified a serious copy leak you need fixed right now. Or you need your existing copy swept and optimized.  All these make you an excellent candidate for VIP Copy. These three points will help you decide...

If we haven't worked together before

Fresh copy requires research and time. Even if you have research, it would take a good chunk of my time just to process it, so my VIP service might not be your best option. However, if you really must get copy out there quickly, use the form below and we'll talk about what I can do for you right now.

If we have worked together before

If I have research that covers your new copy needs, then I can certainly write new copy for you. In fact, my VIP service was originally designed for existing clients who need a small job done quickly.

What you are buying

Remember that you are buying my time, not specific deliverables. I'll advise on what I think is reasonable to expect when we talk. If you need more accomplished, you can always buy more time. I'll detail below what you might expect accomplished.

How it works...

You use the form below and I'll get back to you to book an obligation-free Discovery Call. We talk for 15-30 minutes and, if you are happy with the conversation, you book your days with me. 

 I'll give you a date when the work will happen and I will follow-up with a request for information to help me with your copy.

 On the day before I actually write, I spend half a day on research. This may include a call or calls with you or people in your organization.

On the writing day, I lock myself away for 7 hours to focus just on writing your copy. 

The next day, I review all your copy and sweep for optimization. 

All together, it's 2 days of my time.

Once finished, I'll send you the work and we'll book your follow-up call. We talk once more for about 30 minutes and I'll answer your questions. It's as simple as that! 

Example of what I can do for you On Your VIP days...

  a basic lead generation funnel   
a homepage makeover
site sweep with conversion optimization
optimization on an existing sales page or emails 
VIP Copy Service
The process begins with a 15-30 minute, obligation-free call. If you are happy to proceed, I send an invoice. You pay, I'm booked and you'll have you copy in about a week or so.
Request your VIP Booking call

Get in touch and I'll advise you on whether my VIP Days is a good choice for you...

This is an obligation-free call. Nothing is booked till you agree and pay your invoice. 

None of your information is stored on this site and you will not be added to any mailing list. This just sends me an email.
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