Marketing that creates your best clients

The Client-Creation Manifesto

Like you, I sell my expertise and creativity for a living. And perhaps like you I’m also a small business owner. 

What small means to you will probably differ from the next person, but there’s a growing awareness in the business community that the “grow or die” mantra is not only misguided but it really only applied to publicly-held corporations in the first place.

There is also a realization that we can grow yet remain at a size we feel is best for us and our clients. 

That growth can mean more revenue, better clients, more rewarding work and a more stable business model. That requires a very different approach from traditional marketing, which is click and sale led. We need marketing that is focused on creating our very best clients.

It also means you and I as business owners are also ready to take control of our own marketing. Because that will decide much of our future. 

This is my Client-Creation Manifesto for fellow travelers who are ready to embrace their role as their own best marketer.

We arrive as experts

We are not one of many. We are not comparable. We have spent time and energy discovering the best ways to serve our clients. When we first show up, we arrive as experts.

We serve as peers

We are not temporary employees or order takers. No employee can ever know the realities of owning a business. We are business owners and peers to those who hire us. Because that is the position that lets us do our best work and be most empathetic to our clients’ needs.

We come to do our best work

We are here to be exceptional. With intensity and generosity. We do the unseen things that matter and this is at the very heart of what we are here for. And that includes our marketing.

We charge what is needed

We charge what is needed to do our best work. We ask for the time it takes to do it properly. We never compete on price. Our marketing attracts prospects who understand the value of this approach.

We are our own best marketers

Our marketing is as important as the work we do because it creates the clients who shape our future.

This is not traditional Sales Marketing. This is standing up before our best prospects and claiming their attention with the quality and value we deliver even before they become our clients. 

We empower our prospects

The words our prospects and clients read matter. They will make decisions that will affect our future based upon what they read and hear from us. They are statements of our values and signals of our intent. They let our ideal reader know who and how we will serve. And they empower our prospects to make decisions based on their needs, not ours.

We earn attention

We do that with genuine, relevant value that connects with our best audience. We do not use bribes or bait and we do not use hype.

We understand that the most valuable asset our future clients have is their attention and we respect that with our marketing.

Our marketing is a service

Our marketing is part of our work as experts. It has great value on its own and it rewards our best audiences’ attention with value. Our marketing is us arriving with solutions and proving fit.

We market as partners

Our prospects and our clients are our partners. Our goal is their success. Our value is leveraging our expertise to help them achieve their goals. Likewise, we expect the same commitment from them. We play win-win games.

We create our best clients

We do not wait for our best clients to arrive. We do not hope to get lucky. We are in the business of creating our own best clients. We fully own that responsibility and act on it.

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