The quickest, most cost-effective win for your marketing might be to optimize what you’ve already got

Better copy, more leads, optimized offers, and discover your Intellectual-Property opportunities. In just one week.

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We don’t always need New

Justin Welsh calls it Shiny Outcome Syndrome.

It’s when we chase after other business’s outcomes and want to copy them instead of plowing our own field.

Because plowing is boring.

But boring wins. And if you already own the field, the smart money is in improving what you’ve already got.

So, whenever I talk to a new client, I want to know if we can get results by improving what they’ve already got.

Because if you’re already attracting and signing clients, chances are you can make improvements to the process that can yield better results.

And improving what you’ve got is much cheaper than building something new.

There are three key areas of your client-acquisition you can usually make positive changes to.

Let’s have a quick look at those.

Three Ways To Improve What You’ve Already Got

Every business, including yours, has three areas where it can usually make positive changes…

  1. Optimizing your Offers. When your offers are well-optimized, everything becomes easier. When they are not, everything gets harder. But remember, your service is NOT your offer. Your offer is the perceived value you deliver, the problems you solve, the outcomes your clients will experience and the terms and conditions of delivery. And all of that needs to be gift-wrapped in the language your future clients need to hear for it to resonate with them.
  2. Covering the Belief Journey. Every client has a belief journey they go on before they will hire you. These are the things they must know and believe about you before the sign. If your marketing misses any of these, the result is doubt and hesitation and your leads will turn the page on you to see what your competitor has to say.
  3. Plugging leaks in your Lead Pipeline. If Belief Journey is what your leads need to know and believe about you, your Lead Pipeline is how they will make that journey. And every pipeline has leaks. And that’s ok, as long as you do something about it. Plugging those leaks means more leads and more clients. But ignoring them is like shooting holes in a bucket of water.

Optimizing is the most cost effective way, and the faster, to improve your lead-generation and client-acquisition.

Because there is no point spending five figures on a new marketing project when, for a fraction of the price and time, you can make your existing system work better.

Here’s how I can help you do that…

Your Non-Project Solution

Hiring a specialist copywriter can get expensive. (My average first-time project with a client is $10k +.)

But not everyone has that in their marketing budget or wants to spend that much without seeing some real evidence of value first.

And there’s one more reason…

You might not need to.


I’ve put together a non-project service.

I review your existing lead-generation marketing, your website, key outreach emails, any ads you might be running, your professional profiles, your social media presence, you positioning statements, your value propositions and more. Basically, anything you use to attract, nurture and sign you clients.

Then I present you with a report on my findings with recommendations. More importantly, I includes how instructions on how to make these changes.

And I even include some sample copy you can use right away on your site.

This way you get to optimize your existing marketing instead of starting from scratch with an expensive project.

That’s a great solution if you have a limited budget or you want a sense of the value I can deliver for your business before we work together on a larger project.

Here’s how I do it…

More-Leads Optimization Bundle

I’ve taken the analysis and research elements of my larger projects and converted them into a process for evaluating your marketing and delivering actionable advice and recommendations you can act on right away.

I review your lead-generation messaging (website and emails), your key social media, your outreach strategies, your lead-acquisition strategies and your value propositions.

I then audit your competitors and review your offers.

Next, I look for opportunities to convert your expertise into high-value lead magnets that not only improve your lead numbers but the quality as well.

I then take all that information and compile it into a comprehensive video report for you, with a full breakdown of my findings and specific recommendations and instructions on how to optimize your existing lead generation.

And the whole process takes about a week.

Here’s what’s included in the service…

  • a kick-off interview with you to discuss your marketing goals and lock down your ideal lead profile
  • competitor analysis – this is a great way to spot market gaps and benefit from lessons hard-won by your competitors
  • audit of your lead-generation pipelines to look for leaks, missed steps and quick wins
  • review of your offers to see where you can increase perceived value and market appeal at no extra expense to you
  • copy review of your site to make sure your messaging, value proposition and client journeys are in sync and fully delivering on the potential of your business

You get…

  • a private video report with my walkthrough of everything I’ve found including…
    • Lead-Generation Leak Report with recommended fixes
    • Offer Optimization Report with recommended improvements
    • Competitor Analysis with recommended actions
    • High-Quality Lead Magnet recommendations
    • Value Proposition evaluation
  • copywriting recommendations and sample copy you can use right away
  • marketing recommendations based on our conversation and your short-term and long-term goals

We wrap up with…

  • a debriefing call with you after you’ve had a chance to watch the video report. This is where you can ask anything you like about what I found and I’ll walk you through recommendations and what you can do to implement them

Post-project support…

Once the project is complete, you’ll have everything you need to make changes right away yourself.

But if you’ve got a question, you’ll have a 60-minute support call in your back pocket with me in case you need help. Just reach out at any time and we’ll arrange a call. And that’s good for a full six months after the project is finished.

How it all works and what it costs

We start with a kick-off call a day or two before I start the actual work. I’ll also send you an intake form to gather information on your marketing.

(I may be back to you with follow-up questions, but my aim is to stay out of your hair and just get on with the work. I’ll give you options on how much input you’d like to have during the process.)

The work typically takes about five working days. So, if I start on a Monday, you’ll have your video report the following Monday).

Once you watch the report, you can book your follow-up debriefing call.

The entire service is a fixed-fee service and the full bundle costs $2,000.

(This service is based on a cap of reviewing no more than 10 webpages/emails /marketing assets. That’s generous enough to cover 90% of consulting and coaching businesses. But if your site/email number is larger than that, let me know and I’ll quote you a price.)

Get your Optimization Bundle for 50% off

If this service leads directly to a full custom project on the same business (booked within 90 days), half of your audit fee ($1,000) will be deducted from the final installment of the project fee. (This is not a commitment to a follow-up project.)

Yes, I OFFER a 100% guarantee (and other questions you might have…)

Do you write new copy for my site?

This is not a copywriting project but I will make specific suggestions on how to improve your copy. This will include sample copy for parts of your site such as the top of the homepage.

What will this service help me achieve?

The aim is simple. To get you more and better leads by making the most of what you’ve already got. Improving your existing website and marketing strategy is usually a lot cheaper than starting a new project. I’ll show you how.

I’m just starting out and have no website. Is this a good service for me?

This is a service to improve what you’ve already got, so, if you’re starting out, you need to build out a lead-generation system first. Check out my consulting service for the most affordable way for me to help you with that.

How do I use what you tell me to get more leads?

My video report includes specific implementation recommendations and instructions you or someone on your team can make.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I only want clients who are 100% thrilled with the work I do for them. So…

If, after watching your video report you are not 100% happy with the work I’ve delivered, just email me saying you don’t want the follow-up call and that you’d like a refund instead. I’ll refund your full fee right away.

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Next Steps

To book your More Leads Optimization Bundle, just email me at or click below to fill out a form. I’ll let you know my availability and we’ll take it from there.

Paul is like no other business development coach, mentor, consultant or advisor you’ll ever meet. His ability to “see”—both what is and what could be—is unparalleled.

Paul really got me as a person and was able to pinpoint the reasons my business was stuck on a plateau. In just a few sessions, he helped me figure out how to reposition my business to attract my ideal clients. 

Even before we finished our sessions, a company on my dream client list cold-messaged me about my services.

This led to some ongoing work with an amazing client that proved pivotal to my business.

Thanks to Paul, I levelled up my business to provide the kind of premium, white-glove service I enjoy—and get compensated accordingly.

Paul is as intuitive and empathetic as he is analytical and razor-sharp. Your eyes will be opened, and the truth you’ll uncover will compel you to meaningful, purposeful action.

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