Marketing that creates your best clients

“I needed to create an entirely new marketing and business model for a new audience we really wanted to reach out to in the coaching space.

Our brief was to come up with an easy-to-implement and flexible marketing strategy, set up a product and services development system, and producing all the marketing assets to attract our best audience. No small ask!

That’s why I hired Paul. 

He delivered a brilliant strategy for our marketing and services development. He then put the entire system in place, executed on the assets and helped us take full ownership of what he’d made for us. 

We now have a fully-integrated marketing system that produces high-quality leads and nurtures them to become fantastic customers and clients. Our marketing also generates all our content-marketing ideas (which is a huge win for us) and we now know exactly what products and services to focus on next.

And all of this is mapped to our long-term business goals (which Paul also helped us out with) and that makes planning our next moves so much easier.

Paul gave us everything we needed to create an effective and profitable business, from consulting to strategy to execution. We’ve already booked him for our next project! And if I were you, I wouldn’t wait too long to book him either.

Because what he brings to the table is very rare indeed.”

Amy Posner

Coach, Consultant, Client Whisperer

Full Projects

If you want copy that makes a significant impact on the quality of your leads and clients, or if your want to convert your expertise into knowledge products as new revenue streams, then a Full Project is your best choice.

You get all your copy with strategy and research plus I project manage the whole thing for you.

But before you make that decision… a confession…

A Damning Admission

There’s a technique in copywriting called The Damning Admission. It’s when you bring out the biggest objections to your offer at the very start, warts and all. 

The idea is simple: to filter out anyone who is not a good fit for your offer (so we don’t waste their time) and to make sure there are no surprises later on for anyone who is a potential fit. 

So, here is my damning admission…. 

Good projects are expensive and take time. 

There’s no way around those two. I need to charge a fee that allows me to do my best work for you and I need time to do that work. 

(If budget and/or time is an issue, my Copy-Express service might be a better option.)

Ok. Admission over. Here are your project options…

Your Choices

There are two project types we can work on together…

The first focuses on lead generation and converting those leads into clients for your existing services. 

The second focuses on developing new services or knowledge products that will add additional revenue streams to your business.

Project Type 1: Creating Clients for Existing Services

Attract and convert prospects to clients who will empower you to do your best work

With the goal of creating your ideal client, here’s four project areas we can work on together. These can be as stand-alone projects or as one, unifying project. I can advise you on that when we first talk.

1. Attracting next-level prospects 

  • Clients who will raise your status because of who they are. 
  • Who will push you professionally because of the problems they want you to solve. 
  • And will have an intangible impact on how you see yourself as a business owner. Because it’s hard to partner with next-level business leaders without that shaping how you think about what’s possible for your future.

2. Convert prospects to best-fit clients

Imagine you are about to have a first call with a prospect you’d love to work with. 

Right before the call you can wave a magic wand and that prospect will know everything you wished they knew about how you work and the value you bring. 

And they would already have decided you are their preferred expert and be fully onboard with your fee ranges.

These are all conversions your marketing can make before that call happens. That’s your magic wand and that’s the work I do for you.

3. Upgrade your newly signed clients to enthusiastic endorsers

Have you ever bought something and when you opened it, the packaging and quality just blew you away? 

Or ever gone to a restaurant or health spa or hotel where you were so well taken care of that you were messaging friends about how amazing it was before you even left? 

That’s how your clients should feel about working with you.

That’s what In-Project Marketing delivers because the most important part of the sales is what happens after the contract is signed.

4. This is the kit-and-caboodle service. Your full Client-Creation Marketing System 

This is where you hire me to create your entire Client-Creation system. From attracting leads, to converting them to great-fit clients and creating the messaging that turns them into you biggest promoters.

This is certainly the biggest option but the one that promises the greatest results because everything is made to fit together with just one aim in mind – delivering clients who will empower you to do your best work.

Some clients prefer to have all this work done at once and others prefer to do it in stages. I can advise you about your options on an initial discovery call.

If you are interested in exploring how a project can help you reach your business goals, then just reach out by clicking the button below and we’ll take it form there.

Project Type 2: Create New Revenue Streams

There is a hard cap on how much revenue 1-to-1 work or teams can generate because, well, hours. 

And even if you are happy with your current revenue numbers, adding an extra revenue stream that sells your expertise but not your hours brings more stability to your business.

This might be an information product such as a course or a book, or it might be a continuity offer such as a membership or newsletter. 

Of course, you could add more hours by adding more team members and hiring more support staff, but many of us prefer to stay small. I call it growing without scaling

Developing new offers instead of scaling up in size is how you increase revenue and bring more stability while keeping your business to the size you want it. (And even if you do want to scale in size, having those extra streams makes your business more robust.) 

I can work with you to develop, test and market a wide number of offer types that can help achieve this.

The next step is having a conversation about what might be possible. You can reach out to me by clicking here…

Putting You In Control of Your Marketing

Ever talk to an expert and know that you are at a real disadvantage because you don’t even know what you don’t know? 

All you can hope for is that you trust the best person, right? 

For a lot of business owners, that’s a common experience when hiring a copywriter or marketer. I want to solve that problem for you…

I believe every business owner should have a solid understanding of how good copy works, even if they never write it themselve.

Simply knowing what separates good and bad marketing gives you a huge advantage as a business owner. And it means you can make those contractor decisions with much greater confidence. 

I’m going to help you get there.

While I work on your project, I’ll use short video to teach you about marketing for your niche and about copywriting principles you can use yourself. 

I’ll share video reports detailing my progress. I’ll explain what I’m doing, how I’m doing it and why. 

The result? You’ll be far more knowledgeable about how marketing really works and that will certainly help you make better decisions about your business’s future.  

And why am I doing this? 

This is part of how I create my ideal clients: informed, confident and marketing literate.

That’s the Invisible Dividend for our work together: making you a more effective, more confident owner-marketer. 

Now, let’s look at some project details….

Project Elements

All your project notes, links and assets will be stored in your private Client Portal. Here’s a sample portal screenshot (not from a real project and yours will look different depending on the project stages and deliverables)…


Your non-webcopy (emails, etc.) will be delivered as a Google document, but your webcopy will be delivered as a Google document plus an Adobe XD wireframe. 

A wireframe is a rough layout of the page. It’s not intended to be a design for your site, but some of my clients have used them for that. You’re welcome to do so as well and there is no fee for that. 

Wireframes are important. They make sure your site is copy-led and not design-led. This difference is vital to understand.

When a good copywriter and designer get to work together, the results can be magical. However, and I know a lot of web designers reading this will really not like what I have to say…

I have seen too many sites wrecked up by designers who have zero understanding of what copy does and how it does it. Do not let your site be design led.

(And if you want a second opinion on that, read this is from Hubspot, this from Unbounce, or this from Search Engine Land.)

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you…

As an additional service, and I don’t charge for this, I will review any web copy I write for you after it has been through the hands of your designer as long as that is within 12 months of delivery.

This is to make sure your copy hasn’t been altered or broken up in ways that lessen its impact.

Here’s an example of a short wireframe for the client whose testimonial is at the top of this page.


Good projects take time. Expect 8-12 weeks on a first project together and longer if needed (remember, this is a system that may well last you years).


I offer a premium service designed to deliver maximum value. You will have more than one fee option to choose from but as a guide, my projects usually start at low five figures and up.


I’ll create marketing for your clients with the same respect I created my marketing for you. It’s back to the Golden Rule: Market to others as you’d like people to market to you.

What I don’t offer

I don’t do blog posts, social media and content like that. There are lots of great people who specialize in those. Put your money there if that’s what you need.

I don’t do supplements, alternative cures or financial-freedom stuff (but I do work with mainstream medical and financial clients). 

Although I’m trained as a Direct-Response Copywriter, I don’t do hype, false scarcity, or any of the usual emotional trigger stuff.  

Lastly, with one exception, I don’t write to other people’s frameworks. That means I’m a bad choice if you want a PFL launch, want to use Todd Brown’s E5 Method or one of Russell Brunson’s Funnel Hacks. 

I’ve learned a ton from all of those people and elements of their systems may well end up in your marketing. But my work for you is written exclusively around your needs, not to fit a system.

The exception to working within other people’s frameworks are those created by André Chaperon and Shawn Twing. If you don’t know who they are, that’s ok – most business owners don’t either – but I do recommend you check out their site at some point.

Your next step

Successfully working together is all about fit. 

Time fit. Money fit. Problem/solution fit. And people fit. 

This page and this site is about giving you as much information as possible to help you make those decisions before we talk. 

I also have a page explaining my process here. 

If you think that fit is there, then it might be time for an obligation-free call with me. That’s the next step and it’s yours to take. 

Just click here to begin our conversion. Include a brief description of your business goals and we’ll take it from there.

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