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Nothing makes as big a difference to your business as your clients. From your margins to the satisfaction you get from the work you do. But the right clients do more than drive revenue…

Selling what’s inside your head and owning a business that supports you is an extraordinary way to make a living, whether you’re a Consultant or Coach.

Yes, it has its lows, its sleepless 4 ams, the radical self-doubt. But would you go back to a paycheck? Me neither.

And the rewards your business brings you, financially, emotionally and intellectually are directly related to the clients you work with.

Of course, the opposite is true. Bad clients, or just bad-fit clients, can have a dreadful impact on you and your business.

And yet we keep coming back for more.

It’s like the old joke…

“The food here is terrible!” “Yes, and such small portions!”

What “better clients” means for you might include things like higher fees, repeat business, no backseat driving and so on.

But I want to argue that there is one thing you need to prioritize above all else…

Will you be empowered to do exceptional work?

Do this and the door opens to a type of client most contractors rarely see…

  • These are clients who buy value, not bargains.
  • They come to your door. Because they have already chosen you as their expert.
  • They respect your process and make sure you have what you need to do your best work on their behalf.
  • They bring you repeat business and referrals because they are proud to recommend you to their peers.
  • And there is genuine satisfaction from the work you do for them. Work that makes you a better professional.

In short, these are clients who gladly pay you a premium for an exceptional service because they understand the value that comes with that.

But these are more than just great people to work with.

They will elevate your status, secure your revenue and help you build a durable, next-level business. And when you establish yourself as a source of excellence within this market, clients will seek you out.

And here’s the kicker…

It takes just as much work to attract and sign poor-fit clients as it does great-fit clients.

Once you realize that, the choice is rather simple. Keep doing what you’ve always done or make the changes that will connect you with those next-level clients.

We will talk about what those changes are in a moment. But first, we need to understand this…

The dominant models of client acquisition will not get you there.

Because they are broken.

Here’s why…

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