Your Business Has Just One Goal

And It's Not Sales

Apple knows it. Disney knows it. Oprah knows it.

Paul  Melrose

The real reason you're in business...

Customer creation. That’s your business. 

For sustainable and reliable growth.

These customers are created through a process called conversion —transforming your visitors to perfect-fit, high-value clients.
This is the conversion that built Disney World.

This is the conversion that sees Apple fans lining up overnight to buy the latest iPhone.

This is the conversion that transformed Oprah from a morning talk show host to one of the most successful self-made women on the planet. 
This is the conversion process that creates customers who...
...are happy to pay what you are worth because you took the time to understand them and meet them with the right message
...are proud to be associated with your brand because you communicated the value they needed to hear
...become your most valuable marketing asset because they love what you make for them and are eager to champion you your innovation and secure your future because they care about what you do next
...are as high value as they are a pleasure to serve because you have made their lives better and they will reward you for that 
It's a conversion that begins the moment a visitor lands on your website or receives that first email from you. 

And it will be seen directly in your most vital metrics...
Lower Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)
Increased Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
Increased Market Share
Increased Percentage of Loyal Customers
And ultimately more revenue, growth and a relationship with your customers that distinguishes you from your competition.

Because you are in the customer-creation business.
It’s what Apple does. It’s what Disney does. It's what Oprah does. And they hire Conversion Copywriters to do it.

Next level Lead-Generation and Client/Customer Acquisition. For 7-8 figure businesses who sell expertise, information products or consulting services. 

Your greatest potential for growth...

100% of your revenue depends on the decisions your prospects make.

Those decisions depend on your copy. 

Copy that rewrites your balance sheet.

This is not copywriting as most people know it. 

It's not wordsmithing. It's not well-written descriptions or clever turns of phrase. And the words your visitors read are just the tip of the iceberg. 

This copywriting is a hard-core, highly specialized conversion process. Built on customer-insight research, data, testing and crucially, strategy that maximizes your gains.  
"What blew me away is Paul’s deep understanding of the strategy behind the copy. He truly understands the business growth process."
Amy Posner
Serial Entrepreneur & Business and Copy Coach

Creating your perfect-fit customers

This is copy and strategy that converts more. Sells more. Brings in better-qualified leads. 

It speaks to your visitors in their language, delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. It answers all their pain points, turning their hesitations into buying confidence. And it converts them into perfect-fit customers.

This is a copywriting process that grows your market share, lowers Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) and lifts Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

From your webcopy, sales pages, landing pages and emails.  

It's your messaging, your offer optimization and the master strategy that brings it all together. 

It's a process with a singular, intense focus on delivering better leads, closing more sales and creating your perfect-fit customers. 

This is the work of a Conversion Copywriter.

This is copy you measure in growth and revenue.  

This is why you are online. 
“The most effective, most scalable, lowest-cost sales person on the planet. Copy.”

Joanna Wiebe
CopyHackers – Mother of Conversion Copywriting

Conversion Copywriting works because you...

Use a proven process

Conversion Copywriting is a well-defined, proven approach to researching, structuring and validating the copy that brings you more leads, sales and customers.

Replace guesswork with data

Client-Insight Research and Message Mining dig deep to find the language your visitors need to hear in all your messaging so that your offers are optimized for maximum conversion rates.

Speak to your customers' deepest pain points

Your visitors know exactly what they are looking for and they'll make a snap decision about whether you have it.  Speak their language and talk about their deepest pains. That's how you create your most profitable leads. 

Execute on a unified strategy

Every customer-facing word is either making or costing you money. Conversion Copywriting gives you the strategy to unify all your digital sales copy. Every word maximized to deliver on your top conversion priorities. 

Create perfect-fit customers   

Your new customers are exceptionally well-qualified for repeat sales, referrals and brand promotion. You have explained the full value of your offer. You have delivered what truly matters to them. And they have understood that you see them. These are your perfect-fit customers.

Bringing you high-level copy and messaging strategy to communicate your full value and unique position in the market...

"Working with Paul was like getting a blood transfusion for our organisation. He was able to quickly work out what we needed, before injecting the right words, ideas and stories, all in the right order, so that our copy is cohesive, snappy and we are telling the real story of our brand. It galvanised us to have better conversations as business leaders and to understand where our value lies."
Laura McInerney
CEO & Co-Founder of Teacher Tapp/
Education Columnist for The Guardian, UK

“An entrepreneur is someone who will jump off a cliff and assemble an airplane on the way down.”

Reid Hoffman (PayPal, LinkedIn)
If that’s you, then I have your back.  

You have enough noise and plate-juggling in your life without more problems to solve, especially one as intricate and specialized as Copywriting. So, I’m going to do all that lifting for you. 

I’m Paul Melrose and I'm a full-process Conversion Strategist and Copywriter. 

I have a single business focus. Helping you create your best clients and customers.

This is how I help growth-focused entrepreneurs and business owners like you increase your market share for long-term, sustainable growth. 

I create your lead-generation strategy, create clear and compelling messaging and optimize you marketing to deliver high-value clients.  All with seamless execution and rock-solid reliability. 

My job is to make your life easier and help you achieve your key business goals by creating the customers that will grow your business. 
Let's talk...
Paul Melrose
Paul Melrose
Email Cert
AWAI Sales Letter Badge
100% of your revenue depends on the decisions your prospects make.

Those decisions depend on your copy.

That's how copy rewrites your balance sheet.

Amy Posner
Business Consultant and Coach for Creative and Marketing Professionals  
"I hired Paul to write copy for my website. I’ve been writing copy for decades and have coached hundreds of copywriters, so I’m pretty clear on what’s good and what works. I expected quality copy, delivered on time. I got that. But...

What blew me away is Paul’s deep understanding of the strategy behind the copy. He’s got solid marketing chops – he truly understands the business growth process. 

That means he can think about your entire business. The current project - and everything it connects to - he gave me some brilliant ideas I hadn’t considered. 

I’ve since brought Paul on for a client project and am building him into my plans for the year. Paul’s the real deal! He’s also incredibly kind and smart and has a killer sense of humor. I don’t think you can go wrong with Paul on your project."

When we work together, you get strategy and copy that delivers...

 Direct-Response Impact because...

Your copy is based on the same proven techniques that 
built Madison Avenue and the multibillion-dollar direct-response marketing industry    

Genuine Conversion Copy because...

You've hired a copywriter who learned his craft from from the world's leading teachers of Direct-Response Copy and Marketing, the American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI). And from the home of Conversion Copywriting, CopyHackers.

Copy that moves your prospects to YES because...

The process I use to write your copy is based on Behavioral 
Psychology research that has won Nobel Prizes

Copy that speaks to your prospects' core wants and needs because... 

All your messaging is based on Client-Insight Research and Message Mining

Uniquely Valuable Customer Profiles because...

They combine traditional Personas with the Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) Approach

Copy that's independently reviewed because...

I hire a top-tier Copy Chief to review all the copy I write for you  

And Your Subject Expertly Explained...

“Paul was able to dive into my area of expertise and fish out the information that I myself would find interesting and convincing.

He spent a lot of time and effort assessing my needs and my target audience and then put the information all together in the perfect way."

Dr Dominika Farley
Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

Ginger Rutz
Ginger "Copy Sister" Rutz
The $100 Million Copy Editor

"If you want the brilliance and vibrancy of Jim Rutz in your copy, you must engage Paul Melrose." 

"My brother was Jim Rutz. If you haven't heard of him, you’ve definitely read his copy. He was one of the highest paid and most successful copywriters who ever lived and I was his long-time copy editor. 

A while back I meet this kid*, Paul Melrose, through Brian Kurtz. We get talking and he offers to write up my burgeoning website, and I, in turn, offer to copy edit some of his work as I did for my brother. 

After the call, I go to his web site to check out his copy. Pow! … Jim Rutz incarnate, sans the corny Rutz jokes! 

If you want the brilliance and vibrancy of Jim Rutz in your copy, you must engage Paul Melrose."
* Yes. Ginger calls me kid, and I'm good with that :)

Maximize Your Marketing Impact with High-Performing Copy

You've innovated and brought your vision to market. Now it's time to put your copy strategy in place to maximize your growth potential.

To deliver better-qualified leads, boost your revenue and create your perfect-fit clients. 

It's time to hire the person who knows how to communicate your vision. So your visitors see your true value and become not just customers, but your partners in growth.

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