Once you’ve solved the zero-to-six-figures puzzle, you’re ready for the remarkable. That’s where custom projects excel

Ready to build something that speaks to the voice in your heart as well as putting a smile on your accountant’s face?

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Paul Melrose
Teacher Tapp

Where you’re meant to be

Owning a business changes you.

You don’t see it when it’s happening but it’s like climbing a mountain. Your face is to the rock and you’re worried about your footing and not falling.

Then you look down and everything’s changed. You’re not the same person and the world looks very different.

I’ve made melroseCopy to support you in that climb. To achieve something exceptional.

Because what’s the alternative? To grind it out for another five years and find out you’re in the same place?

This is what my custom projects are for. To reposition you for the future you want. To give you the strategy needed to grow. And the copy that brings it all together.

Want to know what a custom project would be like for you? I’m offering a free 30-45 minute Discovery Call to find out.

Here’s what you get for your time…

Me on a mountain in Poland. Mountains are my happy place.

What’s possible for you?

The right copy project can transform your business. That’s why making the right choices at the very start is so important.

To help you do that, I’d like to offer you a 30 minute Discovery Call. By the end of that call you’ll know…

– if you’ve found a copywriter who’s a good fit for your business

– what projects you should prioritize

– why my process works so well for coaches and consultants like you

If you find our call valuable, you can request a follow-up to take our conversation further. if not, you’ll certainly walk away with much more clarity around what’s next for you.

You can book your call right here. Obligation free.

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Three practical ways I can help you grow

You can book your call right here. Obligation free.

NEXT-level clients

More than ever, the clients your sign will be the making of you. From marquee names to reputation-making work. I’ll put together the plan and write the copy to that makes it happen.

new revenue centers

The biggest potential for growing your business is locked away in your head. I’ll take your expertise and translate that into Intellectual Property that drives entirely new revenue.

New offers

Every business needs to innovate. Your offers are that innovation. I’ll work with you to research, design and market new offers that excite existing clients and attract brand new ones.

We’ve worked with Paul on developing an online marketing strategy for our financial advice model for young doctors.

He’s helped us optimize our prospect funnel by making clear how we can use marketing to attract those prospects who may want what we’re offering without cluttering our lists with those who won’t.

His perspective is that marketing shouldn’t simply return the maximum number of unqualified names, but rather actively encourage and qualify the right prospects while weeding out the wrong ones. This protects our time and attention.

Beyond the technical, Paul is easy to work with and has an amiable assertiveness that keeps us from wandering off into the weeds.

Jim Hemphill – CEO TriageMD

the custom experience

What makes a custom project with me so different?

Time and attention for a start. Your project will have generous time windows for all major phases so I can do my best possible work for you. We’re polishing diamonds.

Second, your involvement.

The best copy for your business expresses your full value and vision for your clients. You are the key and I write around you. That means I’ll be working closely with you to make sure who you are and your value are fully articulated.

Finally, I want you to be as inspired by your copy as your future clients are. I want you to read what I write for you and say, Damn! I’d hire me. Because if you don’t feel that way, why should your clients?

Welcome to Business Class

Before a word is written, you and I will meet as often as we need to fully define the messaging and value you want to express. That begins with your ideal positioning.

Then we devise your strategy, one you can take 100% ownership of and that sets a clear path to your desired future. (No black boxes or back-door retainer stuff here.)

Great copy takes time. And you’ll have it. That includes generous revision windows, too.

This is a business project and you’ll get business-class service. Expect to be very well looked after.

Finally, you’ll have skip-the-queue, post-project support and access to me, even if it’s not project related.

Your ideal positioning refined and stated

A clear strategy that’s fully yours

Ample time to perfect your copy

Business-class service

Generous post-project support and access

My fees (and your other questions answered)

I’ll answer some of your questions here, but because you’ll have unique needs and queries, I suggest booking a call.

It’ll be very informal and good opportunity to meet and get to know each other. Plus, it’s the quickest way to see if I’m a possible fit for you.

You can book with the button below these info boxes to book right now.

How much?

I’m not cheap but I’m not the most expensive and I charge in the same price range as other specialist copywriters. Expect low-five figures for a site or lead-generation project. That scales based on complexity.

What copy do you write?

I mostly write web, sales and email copy, to get you more leads or sell your services. But that copy comes at the end of a rigorous discover and analysis process. What you’re really getting is the positioning, strategy and copy to get you to the next level.


I don’t guarantee results. There are too many variables in your business and in the world at large to do that. But I do include at three rounds of free revisions so you’re absolutely happy with the copy I write for you.

How long?

Projects vary, but as an example, a site might be 4 weeks of research and preparation and another four weeks for writing. Then comes the revision cycle. So, 8 weeks plus whatever revisions you request.

Post-Project support

After we wrap your project, you’ll have direct access to me for 12 months with four, 60-minute consultation calls to use however you wish. (And you can skip the queue if you’re in a hurry. Custom-client privileges.)

your involvement

I’ll need you to be available for several conversations and feedback as the project advances. If you’re crazy busy and just want someone to do the work without you, we’re not a good fit. My process is built around you.

start now with your free call

Why you’re my ideal client

As much as I’d love to work with people like Mel Robbins, Seth Godin or David C. Baker, they’re not my ideal client. I want to be the copywriter who helps the next Robbins, Godin and Baker build their businesses.

This is the person I’m looking for. Someone who has imagined a remarkable future and is ready to set course to get there.

If that’s you, then you’re my ideal client and I want to do my greatest work on your behalf. But where do we start?

By simply saying hello and learning about each other.

So, I invite you to reach out and we’ll meet for a virtual coffee and a real chat. It might be the start of something we’ll both celebrate.

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