Love or hate it, your site might be tearing holes in your business

Find out just how well-behaved your site is. Get a professional audit, complete with Conversion Action Plan to plug leaks, boost conversions and set you up for where you’re going next. Backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

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how a copy Audit will make you money

Landing the clients who will grow your business often comes down to the decisions they make when they visit your website.

Unfortunately, poorly-performing sites are the norm and keep their owners wondering why getting clients on that first call seems so hard.

These sites are silent saboteurs because there are no metrics to tell you how many great clients checked you out and then walked away.

Copy Audits fix that. Here’s how…

leaks & Treasures

Your site has lead-generation leaks (every site has them), but it also has hidden treasures. I’ll find both and tell you how to plug the leaks and make the most of the best of what you’ve already got.


Getting leads to your site is one thing, but what if they don’t do anything? I’ll make sure the vital conversion steps are in place to transform your leads into knocking-at-the-door clients.


Good audits plug leaks. Great audits make sure leads convert to clients. I’ll do all that and go a mile further. I’ll find opportunities, not just to increase conversions, but to attract and sign the clients you need for where your business is going next.

“I can’t stop talking to folks about my site audit with Paul

I’ve had my website for close to 20 years and the content reflects the various evolutions we’ve undergone, each leaving its own imprint. And not in the most seamless of ways, in truth.

He took a truly deep dive into my site and came back up with a treasure trove of goodness for us to go explore, examine and in some cases, polish to a gleam.

This meticulous process helped me determine what needs attention…and what doesn’t. And that is a huge deal for me, and deeply valuable.”

Tanya Geisler

Speaker + Leadership Coach

what’s INSIDE your report

how it works (and other questions)

How it works

Book a slot on my calendar. I’ll interview you for 30-45minutes and your report will be ready in about a week. We’ll meet again to walk you through everything. You’ll get a video of that meeting with a PDF of the report slides.

Your guarantee

You get a full refund if you aren’t 100% happy with your report.

No quibbles or questions. Just your money back.

Future discounts

If you’re a new client and you book a project within 30-days of your audit, I’ll take the price of your audit off the project fee. (This offer doesn’t combine with other discounts.)

Who can book?

This offer is for you if your primary business is coaching or consulting. That includes selling those services as digital products. This offer is not for copywriters or lead generation marketers.

Will you promote your services?

Yes. I want your business. At the end of our call, I’ll lay out opportunities and ideas I see for your business. If you like what you hear, we can continue that conversation. That’s up to you to decide.

Will I get new copy?

This is a copy audit, not a copywriting services. But I will make copy suggestions and give you ideas. That might include new headlines for your home page.

ben baker

Founder – Your Brand Marketing

“Paul is a genius!

He can make the complex simple, straightforward, understood, and engaged. We hired him to evaluate a client’s website through his audit process and found the results very valuable.

I am a great writer, but I am not a copywriter, and that is what the site needed. The audit process was simple, yet comprehensive and valuable beyond belief.

I highly recommend utilizing Paul’s audit program, the ROI is undeniable.”

The Price. Your Discount. And Why?

This offer sells to existing clients for $750.

(AWAI’s pricing guide suggests between $1,000 and $2,500 but I don’t include SEO or competitor analysis. This is a messaging strategy and copy audit.)

Still, it might be a surprise when you see what I’m offering new clients…


That’s a $500 discount. But why?

Lead generation. I want the opportunity to show how much value I can bring to your business and the price lets me make you an offer I hope is a very easy YES.

Does that mean I will be pitching and promoting my services when we meet?

Absolutely. As long as we fit, I want you as a client.

After your audit, I’ll lay out what I see as good options for growing your business. If you like what you hear, we can continue that conversation. That’ll be your decision

Even if you’re not ready to work together right now, you’ll know what options you have for the future.

But honestly, I know most people will be more than happy to take my report and make the recommended changes themselves, so, there’s zero obligation or expectations.

So, that’s the price. $250 with a 100% refund guarantee.


If you’re a coach or consultant looking to grow your business, I want this be the highest ROI decision you make all year. And I’m standing over that with an ironclad guarantee…

“If you aren’t 100% thrilled with the value you get, you get your money back.”

New Clients*


30-45 minute pre-audit interview

Audit of up to five pages

Action Plan

30-45 minute follow-up call with your report

Video of your report + PDF of presentation

Money-back guarantee

*Includes returning clients I haven’t worked with in the last 18 months. Offer limited to one audit per client.

Existing Clients


30-45 minute pre-audit interview

Audit of up to five pages

Action Plan

30-45 minute follow-up call with your report

Video of your report + PDF of presentation

Money-back guarantee

Only for sites I haven’t worked on.

This service is only for coaches and consultants. That includes you if you sell your services as courses or training. This offer is not for copywriters or anyone in the lead generation business. Love you guys but you’re not my market.

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