Get website copy that does a lot more than inform and educate

Get a website that creates clients

Website copywriting that converts your ideal leads into great-fit clients. For coaches and consultants growing to a solid six-figures

Teacher Tapp

Your Clients Want More

Every quality lead will check out on your website. And what they read will be the making or breaking of your financial and growth goals.

You could go with a traditional site. Traditional sites are polite. They put a lot of effort into helping your visitors understand who you are and what you offer.

They have Search Engine Optimization (SEO), good design and a great logo.

No doubt about it, they look good and have excellent manners. And that’s a great way to end up in the friend zone.

Because clients want more than nice and informative.

They need to want you.

They need to be inspired by who you are, wowed by your offer, and they need to be so confident that you are the perfect fit for them that your competitors fade into the distance.

Yes, you need a site. But not the one that works for your competitors. You need one of these…

A Client-Conversion System (in Website Clothing)

Traditional Website

Conversion Website

Help visitors get to know who you are and what you do

Your online brochure and digital shopfront window

All are welcome to look around and explore

Helpful articles to showcase your expertise

An About page about you, your qualifications and your values

A description of your services and hiring options

An invitation to connect

A strategy to convert the right visitors into ready-to-hire clients

The heart of your lead-generation system

Messaging that is exclusively for your ideal leads

Articles with specific conversion roles

An About page that is about your leads and their needs

Offers so strong they would sell on a napkin

A compelling reason to hire you

Unapologetically best in class

It might look like an ordinary website from a distance, but once you get closer…

Your clients’ journey, from first contact to signing with you is about conversions. From stranger, to curious lead to enthusiastic client.

It’s a like crossing a river using stepping stones. It’s your job to make sure the right stones are in the right place and that your leads know where to go next – and are highly motivated to do so.

That’s what Conversion Websites, built on direct-response principles, do so brilliantly (and what regular sites so badly).

Conversion sites understand your leads’ needs and wants and have a process to express those in the language they need to hear.

They know your future client’s unspoken doubts and reservations and transform those into compelling reasons to say, yes!

They know exactly what assets you need ready to nudge ready-to-sign clients to booking that first call.

And one more thing…

They position you as the perfect-fit, category of one answer to their problems.

Your all day, every week, never-quits, client-winning website

This is how Conversion Website’s do what they do so well…

Exceptional fit

How should your most valuable leads feel when they read your site? That you fit them like a glove. That no one else understands them as well or offers a service more matched to their needs.

A clear and proven process

Your clients are not found, they are created. A conversion site knows how to do that. It knows the steps your leads must take and the order to put them in.

Inspire confidence

Every lead arrives on your site with doubts. The conversion process flips the script and transforms doubt into confidence. And confident leads sign contracts.

The perfect copy

Direct Response is the undisputed champion for building a business that sells expertise. Just Ask Tim Ferris, Maria Forleo, Alex and Leila Hormozi, Amy Porterfield, Mel Robbins, John Maxwell or Jay Abraham. And everyone else.

Offers that astonish

It’s not enough to offer a service. Offer your buyers with so much unexpected value that your cannot be compared to any of the alternatives. With offers they simply can’t say no to.

A category of one

For the right lead, you’ll go from a maybe to there’s no other choice. Your positioning, your value proposition and your offer will transform you into a category of one.

Copy AI could never write

I write your copy. Not AI and I never subcontract.

AI is useful for brainstorming and summarizing research, but not for copy. It’s artificial sweetener and people can tell. And it’s definitely not good enough to trust with the future of your business.

Also, I like and respect my clients too much to ask them to pay for work done by a junior. Besides, I love what I do. I want to write your copy.

When you hire me, I’m your copywriter.

Ginger Rutz

Ginger “Copy Sister” Rutz
The $100 Million Copy Editor

“My brother was Jim Rutz. If you haven’t heard of him, you’ve definitely read his copy.

He was one of the highest-paid and most successful copywriters who ever lived and I was his long-time copy editor. 

A while back I meet this kid, Paul Melrose, through Brian Kurtz. We get talking and he offers to write my website, and I, in turn, offer to copy-edit some of his work as I did for my brother. 

After the call, I go to his website to check out his copy. Pow! … Jim Rutz incarnate, sans the corny Rutz jokes! 

If you want the brilliance and vibrancy of Jim Rutz in your copy, you must engage Paul Melrose.”

Expert Copy. Less the sticker shock

It makes sense to hire an expert, right? Your clients certainly feel that way.

But hiring a specialist copywriter can easily start at low five figures. That’s a big spend for a new coaching and consulting practice.

But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with Fiverr or AI.

I’ve created a streamlined version of my custom projects and adapted it for your needs and budget.

It’s focused on helping early-growth consulting and coaching businesses get to a comfortable $150k a year in revenue.

And it’ll cost you a lot less than typical custom projects.

Your Conversion Website

For Coaches and Consultants who want to build thriving and reliable six-figure business

Homepage copy

Service page (max two offers) copy

About page copy

Contact page copy

Thank-you page copy

404 custom message page copy

Your business tag line and mission statement

Your Founder’s Story

Your business’ Unique Value Proposition

Your Avatar Profile

Offer Optimization (on two services)

Essentials + Linkedin Lead-Generation funnel

Perfect if…

You need a lead-generation system plus the site to convert those leads to clients

Homepage copy

Service page (max two offers) copy

About page copy

Contact page copy

Thank-you page copy

404 custom message page copy

Your business tag line and mission statement

Your Founder’s Story

Your business’ Unique Value Proposition

Your Avatar Profile

Offer Optimization (on two services)

Lead-Generation Project

An additional project alongside the website I’ll write for you

A custom plan for least one source of quality leads

Lead-generation funnel design

Your lead-magnet written for you

Landing page for your lead-magnet

Linkedin optimization + strategy

Make LinkedIn part of your lead-generation strategy

Your LinkedIn profile page

Lead-magnet copy for your Features section

60-minute tutorial session

You also get…

Free Revisions

To make sure you get the copy you need, your project will include two rounds of free edits at no extra cost. And each round will have a generous two-week window. 

Professional Proofreader

There is no way I would publish anything on my site or yours without having it professionally proofread. By a human. The final copy I write for you will be proofread by my proofreader.

Post-Project Support

I want to make sure you have the support you need to make the most of your site. Once your project is finished, you’ll have two follow-up support calls in the following 12 months.

Client Portal

You’ll have a private client portal on my site so you’ll always be able to find the copy I write for you right away (instead of searching through files and email).


Website Offer


(A 20-minute chat to see if this is a good fit for you. With Zero expectations or obligations.)

Dr. Dominika Farley, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

‘When can we start and how long will it take?’
Answers to these and other questions

How long will my project take?

A minimum of four weeks once work starts and a maximum of six, depending on the revision cycle.

When can I get started?

I only working on one or two projects at a time. Booking early is recommended.

Do you use AI to write my copy?

No. AI is great at a lot of things but not writing good copy. And I don’t subcontract out your work either. I’m your copywriter. No one else.

How will my project be different from your custom work?

Short answer: time.

It takes longer to scope, design, research, write and revise a custom project. By offering you a fixed-price, fixed-deliverables service, I can keep the price down.

Can you write in my voice?

I write for clients who have distinctive voices and it’s pretty easy for them to tweak what I write and add their signature flourishes. But I don’t specialize in personality copy.

We’ll agree on the tone of your copy before I actually write or I’ll write to you brand guidelines.

What if I need something not in your website bundles?

Go to my Contact page and email me.

Tell me what you need and your budget. I’ll do my best to help.

Request your info pack

I’ve put together a short Information Pack that explains how your site will be made, how long it will take and the fee structure. Use the form below this image to get it…

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Book a Discovery Call.

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Also, you’ll be able to book your project in sooner.

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(A 20-minute chat to see if this is a good fit for you. With Zero expectations or obligations.)

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