How you market is just as important as what you market

Ethical marketing is a choice. One your clients will love you for and you’ll be proud to say is yours

Amy Posner
Dr Farley

Marketing on your terms…

What would you need to take six weeks off every year for you and your family? Or to devote a full month to professional development (and finally get to that always-growing stack of books you’ve promised yourself you’ll read)?

The right clients.

And what would you need for the only gaps in your calendar to be the ones you block out for yourself?

A system that delivers those clients.

That’s your priority as a business owner: to build a system to attract, nurture and sign clients. (Your priority as the coach or consultant is to deliver value for those clients.)

And if part of you thinks marketing is kind of icky…

Just hold true to these three principles:

  • Market to people who genuinely want to hear from you and who you can help
  • Answer their questions honestly and directly
  • Put relationships over sales

(In marketing, we call it The Golden Rule: market the way you want to be marketed to.)

Do that and your marketing is ahead of the game. Because clients want exactly that.

Botton line is, it’s your business and you get to do whatever marketing you want. So why not make marketing you’re proud of, right?

I’m here to help in whatever way suits you best. With free resources or my premium services.

And if you’re already thinking about working with me, here’s what you need to know…

It’s about results

Although I write for a living, I’m not a wordsmith. And your website is not my chance to be creative or to impress with verbal flourishes.

Marketing is a game of efficiencies and I’m only interested in getting you results with marketing that is simple, elegant and that you can feel 100% in control of.

It’s about being looked after

Every make the mistake of popping for a business-class flight? I did and it ruined regular air travel for me. Because once you get that well looked after, there’s no going back.

That’s how you’ll feel working with me.

You’ll a premium experience on all my custom projects*. That means a high-access and responsive service plus a very refined level of final copy. 

This kind of copy takes time and I always schedule enough time to do my very best work on your behalf. 

You’ll have a private client portal so all you assets are easily accessible in one place. And while I do all the heavy lifting of managing the project, you get sign-off on all major decisions. 

And you’ll have a very generous revision windows on all assets so you get the copy you want. 

Finally you get post-project support.

*I offer one productized service, my Lead-Generation Optimization Bundle at a significantly lower price than my custom projects.

It’s about being trained by the best

I have and continue to invest heavily in my professional development.

Here’s the highlights reel…

My first marketing training was with Seth Godin in 2016 in his Marketing Seminar. If you don’t know him, Seth’s been at the heart of ethical marketing since online marketing began.

I learned Conversion Copywriting from Joanna Wiebe at Copy Hackers (Jo is by far the most influential copywriter teaching today and the originator of the term ‘Conversion Copywriting’).

Today, I’m one of the moderators in her professional-development community, helping newer copywriters establish their own businesses. 

I also studied Direct Response Copywriting with the American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI), which was established 30 years ago to train Direct Response marketers. 

I’m a lifetime member of that organization and certified by them as a Sales Copy specialist.

I was privileged to be a member of David Deutsch’s Inner Circle copy group and Brian Kurtz’s mastermind community. Both are legends in the Direct Response community.  

Lastly, I was a founding member of a small, invite-only community of marketers and copywriters run by Amy Posner, one of the leading business development coaches in the creative freelance space.

Today, I work with Amy as her marketing strategist and copywriter. 

I also do occasional consulting work for a number of other copywriters and marketers, either on their own businesses or on their client projects.

High expertise in explaining complex topics

My teaching qualification is from Cambridge University (not as fancy as it sounds – it was an off-campus course).

I have a master’s degree (MSc) in E-learning from the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT).

And I have a first-class honors degree in Psychology.

For you, that means three things…

  • I’m highly skilled at educating and nurturing your market on all aspects of your service
  • I understand the complex psychology that underpins buyer decision-making
  • I have the professional background needed to convert your expertise into high-value Intellectual Property

Consulting and Coaching Experience

While I’m not primarily a consultant or coach, I do have some experience in these areas.

When I was in the education sector (20 years), I traveled across Europe and Russia as a consultant and professional-development trainer and I’ve worked with B2B clients from Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and East Asia.

And as a copywriter, I have worked with other marketers as a coach and consultant.

Design Bonus

Before becoming a teacher, I worked in the technical arts and I bring that expertise to the work I do for you.

Your web pages will be presented to you with design mockups to help your developer do their job faster. It also means you have a much better idea of what your final pages might look like.

Here’s an example of a mockup (wireframe) for one of my clients …

And on some projects, I may be able to offer video-production support if we are making video assets.

I tell excellent lies

Before I became a father, I read about how Spike Milligan (a major inspiration for Monthy Python’s Flying Circus) spent spent hours at night making minute books with tiny illustrations and then hid them in the garden for his children to find.

“Fairy books!!!! Fairy books!!!!”

I loved that story and wanted to bring some of that magic to my son’s childhood.

I told him the Three Bears lived in the park behind our house and that the local bridge was home to a lovely family of trolls.

I also told him my real name was Bruce Wayne and that I was The Batman. He was a solid believer till he was seven.

Life is short and we should fill it with wonder.

I look forward to bringing the same magic to your business. 

A personal message…

Would you ever go back in-house?

If you’re like me, the answer is a hard no.

Owning your own business is life-changing and, for me, is up there with education as a way to transform our lives. And we can do that with marketing we are genuinely proud to say is ours.

Because how you market is just as important as what you market. 

This is the marketing I create for my clients. When you are ready, you know where I am. 


(The Batman)

Paul Melrose and son
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