I’m going to change how the world sees and values you

Your future clients need to truly see and understand the impact you can have on their lives. Nothing does that better than direct response copy

Teacher Tapp

They’ll hire you when they feel it

Hiring coaches and consultants like you is essential to my business. I wouldn’t even be writing this if I hadn’t hired my business development coach. But not everyone thinks that way.

I want to change that.

I want people banging on your door to hire you. I want them stoked about what you mean for their future.

That happens when you go beyond educating them about your offers. It’s more than letting them know who you are and why you’re so perfectly qualified for what they need. It’s about inspiring them to take that next step. They feel it in their bones: they need to hire you.

I’ll do that for you by writing copy so good you’ll want to hire yourself.

That’s not ordinary writing. Here’s the reason copywriting is so effective…

What you see is so not what you get

Your clients will hire you because they’re certain you’re the expert they need and want.

That you’ll fully deliver on your promise.

That they’re in safe hands.

Because confident and enthusiastic clients buy and refer more. They’re on board with your process, see your fees as offering exceptional value, and they look for opportunities to work with you again and again.

Copy that creates that level of confidence is a bit like an iceberg. There are the words your clients read but the magic happens below the surface.

Your Copy

The 150 years of experience and expertise behind your copy

Your Brand

Clients pay for your service but the hire you. It’s your name on the door. All you copy begins with a full articulation of the values and strengths you bring to the table.

Your Strategy

Copy without strategy is throwing money on a fire. Before a word is written, your messaging strategy is laid out. To attract, engage and sign your most important clients.

Your Clients

Everyone has an ideal client. I’ll discover the secret language they use to talk about their most important needs and wants. If you speak the same language, they know you are for them.

Your Value Proposition

Your value proposition is the yes or no moment all new leads will judge you by. It tells them if you are for them. If you relevant. And if you bring something special to the table.

Conversion Process

Leads are found. Clients are made. A conversion process knows how to do that. It understand the individual steps your leads must take and what order to put them in.

Inspire Confidence

Every lead arrives on your site with doubts. The conversion process flips the script and transforms doubt into confidence. And confident leads sign contracts.

Best-in-class copy

Direct Response is the undisputed champion for building a business that sells expertise.

Just Ask Tim Ferris, Maria Forleo, Alex and Leila Hormozi, Amy Porterfield, Mel Robbins, John Maxwell or Jay Abraham. And everyone else.

Offers that astonish

It’s not enough to offer a service. Present your buyers with so much unexpected value that they simply can’t say no. Offer that make your competitors shiver.

A category of one

For the right lead, there’s no other choice. Your positioning, your value proposition and your offer will transform you into a category of one.

That’s Direct Response Copy

The rigor and precision of a courtroom argument. In the language of a kitchen-table conversation

The change we choose to make

I’ve been a copywriter since 2019.

In 2023, I made a decision to work exclusively with coaches and consultants. Specifically, those who want their business to be about more than just the money (but that’s nice too). It’s about the change we choose to make and doing something that’s actually worth who we are.

That decision reconnected me with who I’ve always been. Someone who made a living from my expertise and always swung for the bleachers. Here’s my highlight reel.

20 years as a teacher, teacher trainer and course designer. I also worked as an education consultant to second and third-level institutes across Europe.

A first-class honors bachelor’s degree in psychology (summa cum laude equivalent) and a master’s degree in e-learning. I designed the first professional blended e-learning course for state-school teachers in Europe (for the Basque government).

Before that, I worked as a film editor, photographer and lighting designer, and for about two years I was a researcher on Robert Redford’s’ official biography.

I’ve lived in London, Poland and now I’m back home in Dublin, Ireland.

I married way out of my league and we have a son I adore. Being a dad is the absolute best. (And writing your copy, too, of course.)

If you’re looking for a copywriter who’s in it for the long haul and believes what you do matters, we should have a chat. Let me know what you want to achieve in the next five or ten years.

I look forward to working with you,


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