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You didn’t start a business to spend your time solving marketing problems. Good news is, most of these can be solved in 60 minutes.

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Paul Melrose
Teacher Tapp

Get clarity, new focus and answers to your biggest challenges

We consulted with Paul on our client acquisition strategy as we were unsure how to position ourselves in our niche and market our experience and capability.

Paul helped us focus on our present and future visions for our business. He was very methodical, thought-provoking and his supportive and challenging style were just what we needed.

We would certainly recommend working with Paul if you are looking for a marketing 2.0 reboot; a fresh approach focused not just on your current requirements, but also on your mid and long-term goals.

Thanks, Paul!

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John Condon Condon Consulting

John Condon – Healthcare Services Consultant

Move your Business forward with just one call

I’ve done some surprising things on calls. I once came up with a solid-silver, corporate gift range idea plus marketing plan. Another time, I outlined a plan to build a membership app.

But every call is ultimately about bringing clarity. So you get the answers you need to move your business forward. Here are typical call topics we can work on…

Attracting better clients

Should you run ads? Write more content articles? Does SEO work? What should you be doing on LinkedIn?

Closing more sales

Why are people not signing? How do you make your offer more appealing? Are the serious leaks in your marketing?

brand and positioning

It’s hard to stand out. You’re competing with AI and an increasingly saturated market. How do you become unmissable?

new offers to grow

Markets and their needs evolve. How do you take what you have and create new, exciting offers to stay competitive.


Your Intellectual Property is buried treasure. I’ll pinpoint what your markets wants and show you how to monetize it.

Future Proofing

What is the most audacious, wonderful future your business could bring? That’s more likely to happen with a plan.

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“Paul is like no other business development coach, mentor, consultant or advisor you’ll ever meet.

His ability to “see”—both what is and what could be—is unparalleled.

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Vesna Mirosavljev, B2B Marketing Consultant

How it works

If I don’t answer all your questions here, use the Contact page to send me a message.

How much?

$200 for a 60 minute call. Pay when you make your booking.

How do we chat?

On Zoom.

Pre-meeting reading

I’ll have a quick look at your site before we meet, but the $200 is for the 60 minutes we chat.


I’ll record the call and you’ll have access to that for your personal review.


If you book a project within 30 days of our first call, I’ll discount that first call from your project fee. This offer can’t be combined with other discounts.

Copy Review?

I don’t review copy or copy chief on consult calls. It’s not a very effective way to do that. Use the contact page to let me know if that’s work you need.

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“I had everything I needed to kickstart a successful business laid out right in front of me, but I just couldn’t put the pieces together.

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Laila Resende, Messaging Strategist

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