On-Demand Expert Advice

For when you don’t need a copywriter or marketer, but you do need their brain. Get marketing strategy, eyes on your copy, or expert input on new ideas and offers.

Amy Posner
Dr Farley

We consulted with Paul on our client acquisition strategy as we were unsure how to position ourselves in our niche and market our experience and capability.

Paul’s workshops helped us focus on our present and future visions for our business. He was very methodical, thought-provoking and his supportive and challenging style were just what we needed.

We would certainly recommend working with Paul if you are looking for a marketing 2.0 reboot; a fresh approach focused not just on your current requirements, but also on your mid and long-term goals.

Thanks, Paul!

John Condon Condon Consulting
John Condon – Condon Consulting

Expertise on Tap

Maybe you’re writing your own copy and want feedback from a professional copywriter – to make sure you’re ticking all the boxes (and it’s a great way to learn and improve).

Or you need an answer to a marketing question or an objective opinion before a big decision on a new offer or promotion.

Whatever it is, the one thing you want more than anything is a quick, easy way to ask an actual expert, (instead of wading through discussion thread after website after video hoping to find the right person with the right answer just for you).

I know, because that was me. 

Back in 2016, before becoming a copywriter, I was starting my first business. I wanted to write my own copy and had soooo many questions about my marketing.

But finding reliable, no-fluff advice I could actually use felt impossible. It was rabbit hole after rabbit hole (and sale pitch after sales pitch).

Then, I discovered coaches and consultants.

Within 20 minutes of my first call, I had answers to my biggest questions. I had clarity on problems that had dogged me for months and, above all, I knew what I had to do next.

That’s what I want to offer you here.

On-demand consulting calls. That can save you hours of searching and clarity and certainty in your decision-making. And that can tell you what’s next.

How it works

Click on the booking link below, pick a time, pay and turn up for your call.

That’s it.

Here’s a quick FAQ on questions you might have. If something’s missing, email your question to paul@melrosecopy.com.

How much do you charge?

If you are a consultant or coach, your first two calls are discounted to $100 each. After that, it’s $250 a call.

Calls are paid for when you book using your credit card. I don’t take PayPal – sorry, but I’ve heard they are a pain to deal with.

How long are our calls?

Each $100 call is 50 minutes and is on ZOOM. The full-priced $250 calls are 60 minutes.

Are the calls recorded?

Yes (unless you prefer not to), so, you needn’t worry about taking notes while we talk. You’ll usually have access to the recording within 24 hours.

Can I send you material to read before our call?

To keep the cost of our calls down, I don’t do any prep work before we talk. If you have material you’d like me to read first or afterward, reach out by email and we can discuss fees for that (paul@melrosecopy.com)

If I book a call or several calls with you and then I book a project, is there a project discount?

Yes. If you book a custom project within 90 days of your first call, I’ll discount up to your first three calls (max $200). So, you can basically get two free calls if you book a project within 90 days of your first call. There’s no discount on fixed-price services as these are already discounted.

How do I book a call?

For your first two calls, click on the orange link below. That will take you to my Calendly (booking page). Pick a time and then follow the instructions to pay for your call. You’ll get an invite by email.

For your fourth call onwards, use the blue button.

Book your first and second for $100

(offer only open to consultants and coaches)

Book your fourth call onwards for $250

I started working with Paul at the very start of my buainess. I had all the training. I had the processes. I had everything I needed to kickstart a successful business laid out right in front of me, but I just couldn’t put the pieces together. Above all, I had no idea how to get my first clients. 

There were times when I wanted to jump the gun because I saw others doing things I wasn’t doing yet. Paul encouraged me to focus on my own path and take back my focus. If he wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be using LinkedIn, I wouldn’t have optimized my profile, and I wouldn’t have earned my first client — who contacted me through LinkedIn! Above all, he helped me position myself to attract the exact clients I’m looking for.

Laila Resende, Messaging Strategist

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