5-minute reads on the most important role in your business. Getting clients.

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Amy Posner
Dr Farley
be more relevant to you market

Four ways to become more relevant to your market

Niching is just the start. This is how to make it far more valuable. [reading time: 5 minutes] We know we …

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2 ways to create great clients

Two ways to create coach and consulting clients

Two ways your marketing can create coach and consulting clients

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Transform your first call into a service worth your leads' time and trust

Transform your first call into a service

Make Booking That First Call With You As Valuable As A Paid Offer The moment when you are most likely to …

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You Don't Have To Like Your Copy

You Don’t Have To Like Your Copy

You don’t have to like your copy. But you should be able to judge it. [reading time: 3 minutes] ​You should …

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how to read your clients' minds

Voice of Client Research

[reading time: 4 minutes] ​How to read you ideal leads minds… so you can greet them with the perfect message A …

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Get more leads to book more calls

Microcopy for booking client calls

Book more calls from your leads with Microcopy principles [reading time: 4 minutes] In this edition of The Value Proposition, I’m …

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List, Offer, Copy

If you can’t point to the cause of a problem, you’re wafting away smoke while the fire burns [read time: 3 …

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Value Prism

You probably are underselling yourself. Simply because you are not articulating the value inside your offer. Here’s how to change that… …

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Don’t Charge What You’re Worth

Charging what you are worth can really hurt your business. Widening The Value Gap is the win-win play. In this article, …

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The Supa Value Propositions

The Supa Value Proposition

The Supa Value Proposition: Your Swiss Army Knife for Value Prop Creation Nothing matters more than your value proposition. It’s why …

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Client’s Remorse

The first 48 hours are crucial to your relationship with your new client. It takes less than fifteen minutes to get …

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