I can’t give you Venice. But I can give you one more reason to look forward to Saturday morning

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Teacher Tapp

I shouldn’t be telling you this…

My favorite time of the week is Saturday morning. It’s when I write my newsletter.

I should really batch-write these once a month – efficiency and all that – but that’s not the newsletter I want to write.

I start taking notes on Monday and Tuesday. I’ll do some research on Wednesday and sketch an outline on Thursday or Friday. Saturday, with a freshly-made pulled espresso, is for writing. Because good writing takes time.

Why shouldn’t I be telling you this?

Because common wisdom says I should tell you about the benefits of reading the newsletter instead. Because you really don’t care if I spend a week writing each edition. That you’re only interested in knowing ‘what’s in it for me’.

But I think you do care.

It matters how things are made. It matters that the person doing it is proud of the work they do. Because that’s the way we want to run our businesses and who we want to do business with.

And if you really want to know what’s in it for you, subscribe and find out.

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