Building a $150k+ business comes down to two things…

Delivering an exceptional service and having a reliable system that delivers the right clients. You only have to be good at the first.

I’ll take care of the rest.

Paul Melrose
Teacher Tapp

Expert Copy. Less the sticker shock.

It makes sense to hire an expert, right? Your clients certainly feel that way.

But hiring a specialist copywriter can easily start at low five figures. That’s a big spend for a new coaching and consulting practice.

But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with Fiverr or AI.

I’ve created a streamlined version of my custom projects and adapted it for your needs and budget.

It’s focused on helping early-growth consulting and coaching businesses get to a comfortable $150k a year in revenue.

And it’ll cost you a lot less than my custom projects. How much less?

I normally charge around $12k-15k for a site.

You’ll get it for less that half that.

Three services. Four price points.
No compromises.

I’m building my reputation on helping you build your business. So, no AI copy or sub contracting out the work I do for you. You get the same eyes and brain on your business as my six and seven-figure clients. Your success is my business.

Website Bundles (2 options)

Get a productized version of my custom projects. One option for a full website copy project. And another for a full site plus your lead-generation funnel design and all accompanying copy.

Make the most of what you’ve already got

Sometimes you just need to improve what you already have. This website audit is your first step to optimizing your existing site.

On-demand copy help without project prices

Sometimes you just need an expert to talk to get clarity so you can move ahead. This is the service for that. Your answers in 60 minutes or less.

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