The Supa Value Propositions

The Supa Value Proposition: Your Swiss Army Knife for Value Prop Creation

Nothing matters more than your value proposition.

It’s why leads stop and pay attention when they first come across you. It’s why they want to know more about you. It’s why they hire you.

Get it right and everything becomes easier. Getting it wrong = tumbleweed

That’s not going to be you.

By the end of this newsletter, you’ll have a better value proposition than 90% of your competitors. Let’s dive in…

Go large

I’m going to show you a method I use to extract as much from a value proposition as possible. And we’ll do that by crafting a proposition you’d never use in your right mind.

That will give you everything you need to put you ahead of 90% (at least) of your competitors.

Here’s how…

We are going to write the most densely packed, unreasonable, over-the-top value proposition possible.

Supa-Size Formula

There are a looot of value proposition formulas out there. But instead of picking one or two from the best, we’re going to use all of them. At the same time.

This is your Supa-Size Value Proposition:

Using our [process], we/I offer [service] for [ideal client] to help them overcome [their biggest problem] in [timeframe] so they can enjoy [desired outcome] without [something they think is an extra burden of hiring you] so they can ultimately achieve [great big longterm goal for a functional, an emotional and a status outcome] in [timeframe].

How to use the formula

This formula is based on an old writing technique of writing long. In other words, put everything on paper and then edit back. Let’s do it with this formula…

Using our proven enrollment drives, we offer education consulting for private schools to help them turn around falling student numbers with concrete results in one academic year so they can attract more students without increasing their marketing spend so they can ultimately grow a school that is fully enrolled, inspires the confidence of knowing your finances are in great shape, and is seen as a class leader in the next five years.

Slice and dice

You may actually use your full supa proposition, but the beauty of this formula is that you now have all the elements to create as many shorter value propositions as you need.

Here are three examples.

Example 1: Headline section for your homepage

(In this example, you believe the biggest resistance to hiring you is fear of the costs.)

Example 2: The reader knows you are an educational consultant and you know they are a vocational school.

(This might be a brochure or PDF you send to warm leads)

Example 3: The copy you use to get people to download a case study


You’re going to need more than one value proposition. For different readers with different levels of awareness, different concerns and different ambitions.

But you also need them all to be coherent. That’s where the Supa Formula comes in.

Once you’ve crafted that, you can take out the bits that make sense for each use.

Having that master proposition and the ability to spin off as many custom value propositions as you need and still stay 100% on message is what will give you that 90% advantage.

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